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Flowers Made Out of Tea Bags

Happy Monday morning my DIY Divas! Today, I have a super cute project for you which is great to do with kids. And lets face it, is pretty fun for adults too! Its really easy to create flowers made out of tea bags and so on your young, broke and fabulous budget! If your having a tea party these flowers are a wonderfully unique element to bring into your decor. So kitschy and super creative!

  Guide to creating

Flowers Made Out of Tea Bags!

1) Use a tea bag, a green pipe cleaner and pink or red food dye to create these flowers

2) Cut the Tea bag open straight across below where the label or string is attached and empty out the tea.

3) Cut the tea bag again length wise so you are creating a flat piece of material.

4) Wet the tip of a paper towel and put pink food dye on it and apply to the tea bag. Basically color in the tea bag!

5) Accordion fold the tea bag and attach the green pipe cleaner in the middle

6) Fan out the tea bag around the pip cleaner to create the flower. Cut a little piece of pipe cleaner and zig zag bend it to create the “stigma” for the flower. Attach it right underneath the middle of the flower where the pipe cleaner is holder the tea bag!

Voila! Flowers Made out of Tea Bags!