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The Perfect Party Lips: Violent Lips- Glitteratti Collection

If  ever there was a time to take sparkle to the next level, its New Years Eve! The Violent Lips Glitteratti Collection of lip “tattoos” are super cray cray and so holiday appropriate! You will definitely stand out with your sultry lips! Don’t worry, The Hostess Handbook wouldn’t lead you astray, these “tattoos” are not permanent!

Unique Dog Costumes for Halloween

The perfect party dress for your pooch this Halloween is a killer dog costume! The little ones always get the most attention when they are dressed up so I put together a couple unique dog costumes for Halloween so that your stinker can be the bestest! Dress em up as your favorite pop star or kitschy animal. There is really no going wrong with these unique dog costumes for Halloween! Which costume will you choose?

Zelda Punk Costume

Pop Queen Costume

Little Stinker Costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Silver Screen Starlet Costume

California Girl Costume



Simply Vintageous

Ladies, look no further for your new vintage hot spot. The Hostess Handbook has a store for you that is simply vintageous! Located on Melrose in West Hollywood, this super FABtastic boutique offers an array of vintage clothing at many different price points.

All the clothes are in great shape and seem like they have never been worn before. Thank god! I hate when vintage stores have dresses with stains on them. ewww! Simply Vintageous has a wide variety of styles as well from 80′s prom queen to 20′s fur glam!

This is the perfect store to get a rockin party dress for your next event! There are so many items with sequins that I wanted to cry out for joy! It’s also a great place to look for authentic Halloween costumes ladies! You can make yourself into a 50′s housewife or 70′s roller girl in a flash!

Simply Vintageous
86291/2 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Top Picks From Zara Sale

The Perfect Party Dress

Top Picks from Zara Sale

Holler at your girl! Meaning Zara is your girl and you’re yelling because you’re just so excited about their sale that is on right now! To make life easier and supply you with your party dresses, I have compiled a list of my favorite dresses on sale now at Zara! These choices are great for summer and so on your Budget! 

Top Picks From Zara Sale

Draped Waist Dress- $49.99

Sheer Dress with Contrast- $39.99

Sequined Asymmetric Dress- $69.99

Lace Tulip Dress-$49.99

Reverse Heart Back Cutout Dress

The Perfect Party Dress

Reverse Heart Back Cutout Dress

I am a sucker for hearts and bows! There! I said it! I am beyond excited about our Perfect Party Dress pic this week because it is so super cute and incorporates a heart! DUH! Urban Outfitters you have done it again!

Now, this reverse heart back cutout dress is beyond FAB but it is also best suited for the girl who has no boobies. You know you watch these girls and wish you too didn’t have to wear a bra and could frolic freely. Well, here are your solutions cause this dress is too cute to pass up for all my big boobed girls! Either get pasties or rock a colorful bando and make it work! The Hostess Handbook is in love!

This reverse heart back cutout dress comes in a variety colors and patterns. These two choices are my favorite and perfect for either day or night!

This perfect party dress will run you $69.00

Merona Maternity at Target

The Perfect Party Dress

Merona Maternity at Target


All my maternity maidens, Target has come to your rescue! Target has so many great options for the woman who is expecting who expects to look amazing. This is one of their Merona dresses which is super cute and ultra feminine! There are tons of maternity options at Target that are so on your young, broke and fabulous budget and too cute to boot. This dress will run you $40.00!

The Hostess Handbook loves this style and the fact that it comes in so many different colors! Take your pick and make it yours!

Mango Cotton Striped Dress

The Perfect Party Dress

Mango Cotton Striped Dress



This Mango Women’s Cotton Striped Dress is super cute for Spring and makes me want to have a beach/boat party! The Hostess Handbook might be getting ahead of itself as it is only mid February but spring will be here faster than you know it!

The blue and red option is great for the coming months but The Hostess Handbook suggests you go with the white and blue version for summer! Pair with a gold cork wedge shoe and great gold earrings for a complete look that is FABtastic and too cute to boot! This striped number will run you $59.99! Great dress on your budget!

The Perfect Party Dress: Mango Scoop-Back Bananza

This Mango knit dress with scoop back is the perfect party dress for winter time! The long sleeves and high neck will keep you warm and create an understated look, until… turn around! Bazam! I love open back dresses and this one is able to achieve a laid back style while still being sexy! The red stripes also give it a hip holiday flair!

The Hostess Handbook suggests you pair this Mango Knit Dress with some black glitter flats or heels!

This item is soooo on your budget at $80!

Perfect Party Dress: Move Over Herve Leger

Let’s face it, the young, broke and fabulous cannot afford the infamous Herve Leger Dress just yet! Thankfully, there are a ton of knock-offs for the girl on a budget! This French Connection dress is a great substitute and has a rich blue color that is to die for! The thick waistband helps to accentuate your curves which is what this dress was made to do! So, if you’re feeling sexy and don’t want to sell your house, try this dress on for size!