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Halloween Paper Flowers

Follow the folding instructions above with a piece of silver glitter wrapping paper. You can find this paper at Paper Source!







Who knew flowers could be so spooky? Today, I am bringing this article out of the archives because I love it so much and think these flowers are perfect for a Halloween dinner party! These Halloween paper flowers will take you back to your arts and crafts days! These flowers are super cute, easy to make and won’t break the bank. They also won’t die on you, which is a great thing for all my “black” thumbed hostesses.

These Halloween paper flowers make wonderful decorative items and unique place cards! Be prepared for your dinner guests to want to take their name cards home with them!

 The flowers featured above are made out of silver and spider web wrapping paper and stuck together by double-sided tape! They are super fun to make and will bring a kitschy twist to your Halloween gathering!

Flower Power: Rose Skull


Halloween is fast approaching and I have been consumed by glitter! Yes, glitter! Who says Halloween can’t be cute? Spooky out, sparkle in! This shimmering black styrofoam skull is so fabtastic and easily made into a unique flower piece! Poke a whole in each eye and stick a small rose with about 1/2 inch stem in each. Add some romance to the mix by placing another rose in the side of the mouth!

Hostess Tip: Decorating on a budget is easy peasy with this DIY Rose Skull and it costs under $10 to make!