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*Gift Guide Give Away!*

Tiss the season to shower people with gifts! Sooo, The Hostess Handbook is giving away an item from this gift guide at random to someone who “likes” the Facebook Fan Page and Follows The Hostess Handbook On Twitter today! So easy, so fab, so get going!

1. Mini Emergency Kit- Every girl needs a fairy god mother; this one comes in a super cute pouch!

2. Stirring Cocktail Connoisseur – This gift is perfect for the person who loves to entertain! An array of cocktail mixes? Um, Yes Please.

3. Vinyl Record Bowl- A bowl made out of legit vintage vinyl records! The perfect gift for the man in your life! So unique and fun!

Flower Power: Fall Beer Bottle Decor

When you want to make something special but don’t have the money to drop, you have to get creative. Most of us young, broke and fabulous people do not have three matching flower vases to make a uniform display. No problem! Improvise! Beer bottles serve as great vases! Soak the bottles in water for about ten minutes so that the labels come off easily and with no glue residue.

Arrange whatever flowers you like most in the bottles. Remember to create levels with your greenery and flowers. Cut some longer and some shorter for depth and texture! Cat-tails, featured in the middle bottle, are cheap and very “fall!” The Hostess Handbook suggests you use them to add some uniqueness to the decor. You do not need a lot of flowers for this display nor do they have to be expensive. The flowers and greenery shown are about $7!

Add a finishing touch by setting the bottles in cranberries! This adds color, texture and brings the whole piece together!

Flower Power: A Beer Glass is not Just for Drinking!

Pull out a beer glass from your kitchen and use it Hostess Handbook style! Thats right, a beer glass can be used as a vase for a chic and unique flower arrangement! As you can see, this is not belch worthy but blab worthy. It will definitely be hard to keep this secret from your friends!

Let’s talk elements- You need:

1 clear beer glass

1 banana leaf (wrapping the inside of the glass so the stems don’t show, refer to “How To: Flower Arranging” video)

3 hydrangeas (you can choose the color)

5 orchids

Hostess Tip: Place the hydrangea in the wrapped beer vase first and then add the orchids so they are perfectly held in place!